Who is The Kalpar?

The Kalpar, in his native habitat
The question "Who is The Kalpar?" is not an easy one to answer, largely because there are two competing answers. One is based on facts and information that any relatively skilled person would be able to verify with enough legwork. The other is a pile of lies and misinformation created by various people, including The Kalpar, which is actually encouraged to create an air of mystery to cover up the fact Kalpar's actually fairly boring. Needless to say, the second option is by far the more popular.

According to legend, The Kalpar was either created or spontaneously appeared from cosmic energy to fulfill a need the universe may not have been aware it had until that point. The Kalpar has spent the past few millennia wandering from place to place, occasionally causing trouble, and always in search of a good book to read. Some people today still speak in hushed whispers of the deeds of The Kalpar, the Once-Scarred, the Oath-keeper, the Witch-slayer, the Lord of the Iron Road. Whether these tales be true or false is largely an opinion of those who tell them. But even the most improbably stories occasionally contain a grain of truth.

More realistically, Kalpar lives in Ohio, graduated from university in 2011 with a Bachelor's in History and is obsessively proud of his German heritage. Possibly more so than he really should be. He likes fantasy, science-fiction, history, cool hats, and trains. Probably the most perfect way to bribe him would be something that combines all of those things. Kalpar can be contacted at kappa528@yahoo.com