Kalpar's Book

Did you know Kalpar wrote a book? It's true! Now you can fritter away countless hours reading things that came out of Kalpar's brain! Well, if you have a Kindle anyway, physical copies haven't happened quite yet. But if the plot description sounds appealing to you, feel free to drop by Amazon and pick up a copy.

The Dragonslayer Manuscript

Dragons existed. The fossils in the Krinsport Museum of Natural History prove this beyond all reasonable doubt. But whether the Dragonslayer Guild, an organization of professional dragon-hunters, existed is still up for debate.

At least until The Dragonslayer Manuscript showed up. To almost everyone it appears completely genuine: a first-hand account written by an actual Guild member. But that hasn't deterred Professor Sebastian E. Tagus, Chair of Middle Period History at Wotansburg University.

In a new, annotated translation of this landmark text, Professor Tagus lays forth a convincing argument that the story is little more than a creative work of historical fiction rather than the primary source so many other historians assume it is. The Dragonslayer Manuscript is Kalpar's first book.