Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Robot House!

These past few days have been a bit of a blur, what with the binge drinking and ultimate frisbee on the campus quad. However, I did attend a few classes with Meda and learned a few things from Tandem. Well, and a few through independent research, but some progress is better than none at all. We had noticed a rather annoying amelodic chiming of bells that occurred at random points with no real rhyme or reason coming from the second floor of Pathfinder U. Meda asked Tandem and he gave some bullshit answer about celebrating a new artifact being discovered by the Pathfinders, but Whitmore claimed it was far too often for artifacts of true importance. I decided to go upstairs after class and investigate the bells, poking a couple of them to see what they did. Nothing terribly interesting happened until a man appeared, carrying a rapier. I tried to pump as much information out of him, but with no real success, resulting in me getting dragged off by campus police. Whitmore, however, noticed my plight and was able to sneak up and look at the bells later on, and was able to figure out the order they rang in, as well as noticing it seemed to activate a portal that lead to what we assumed was the Pathfinder vault.

As all of this was going on Soma managed to break into Tandem's office and stole a few items, including Tandem's Wayfinder, which Festivus had told us allowed Pathfinders to access the vaults. Soma decided to also experiment with the Wayfinder, putting different Ioun stones into the slot resulting in interesting effects. But when Whitmore put a stone in the slot the Wayfinder exploded, which, needless to say, was not according to plan. Soma was able to craft up a replacement Wayfinder, but held off on putting it in Tandem's office.

In class the next day Tandem was a little....irritated to say the least. He went into a very long lecture about responsibility with magical items and demanded to know who had stolen his Wayfinder, which was now missing. As Soma had decided class was beneath him, he wasn't there to return the Wayfinder, so we got treated to a boring-ass and mostly made-up lecture about a poem that totally wasn't the secret key to opening the vault. Except it was. Man, they have terrible security. After class Soma had managed to put the replacement Wayfinder in Tandem's office, and we decided we should try to steal Venture Captain Amavor's Wayfinder next. I gathered a couple of my bros for a frisbee game and “accidentally” threw the frisbee through Amavor's office window. As expected, Amavor stormed out of his office, swearing and leaving the door unlocked behind him. This allowed Soma to slip into Amavor's office and quickly search for Amavor's Wayfinder while Meda kept lookout and Whitmore kept an eye on Amavor. Soma didn't manage to find anything we could use, but Whitmore noticed Amavor kept his Wayfinder on him at all times, meaning we'd have to obtain one from someone else if we hoped to be successful.

After everyone had left campus for the day, we broke back into the building and rung the bells in the proper sequence, opening a portal. Soma went through and performed a quick reconnaissance of the vault, confirming that we needed a Wayfinder to even begin looting the hell out of this place. Unsure what our next move should be, we decided to wait until tomorrow and see what the day would bring.

Tandem had found Soma's replacement Wayfinder, but informed us that despite it being a very good Wayfinder it was not in fact his because it lacked the appropriate clearance codes. This did not, for whatever reason, stop him from giving us each our own Wayfinder to mess with. (Granted, these were without any security clearance so I suppose the threat was rather low.) By a random coincidence the combination of my Ioun stone and the Wayfinder I was assigned resulted in me being able to use disguise self at will, albeit limited to only three disguises. Seeing an excellent opportunity I chose Amavor as one of my disguises, as well as that Corrister fucker, and a generic nondescript disguise. I briefly considered getting into all sorts of shenanigans, but my party members suggested I use my Amavor disguise to get Hewron's Wayfinder. I will say it was a little dicey considering I'm not the best at convincing people, but I managed to get Hewron's Wayfinder by admitting there had been a security breach with the vault. Hewron said he would be keeping a closer eye on the vault and would let me (i.e. Amavor) know if he noticed anything strange. I think if we're going to pull this job off we're going to have to hit the vault tonight, before Hewron gets even more suspicious.

- Krinsblag 

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