Monday, July 21, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Did We Just Join the Pathfinders?

Today has been an....interesting day, to say the least. Not necessarily "Oh gods, oh gods, we're all going to die!" interesting so much as "What in the Nine Hells just happened?" interesting. Although it may turn into the former kind of interesting soon enough depending on what will happen.

To start off, when we finally woke up from our epic bout of binge drinking the night before, Whitmore was still far too hungover and was unable to head into what passed for a town around here, so we went off to sell and exchange loot for other useful items. We spent a couple of hours haggling in the marketplace, getting a few items that Soma couldn't craft himself and obtaining the various ingredients Soma required to make a couple of Handy Haversacks and odds and ends. Although I was rather sad to let go of the manta ray cloak, I figured we wouldn't be near the ocean for a while and it wouldn't be terribly useful. Alas, Manta Lord, we hardly knew ye.

While we were in the marketplace we asked around for Hewron and Tandem, a couple of old Pathfinder buddies of Festivus. Festivus told us they may be able to help us with our investigations and they were still involved with the Pathfinders. Everyone pointed us to the giant manor house next to the adventurer encampment which had been converted into the local Pathfinder headquarters. As Soma was determined to get started on crafting right away, Meda and I headed directly to the Pathfinder building. Granted, without any sort of plan in mind, but that's kind of usual operating procedure for us at this point.

Meda and I entered the atrium of the Pathfinder building and were confronted with a long line for the opportunity to talk with a minor clerk of the Guild. There were some doors which appeared unguarded and I briefly considered just walking through like I owned the place, but the level of security made that seem like a bad idea so we opted for the bureaucratic route. After what seemed an interminable wait we finally were able to approach one of the clerks managing the line and explained that we were here to see Tandem and we had an appointment with him. Amazingly they believed us and lead us to a waiting room.

I was a little worried at one point because Meda noticed the venture captain that sent us down into No Fun passed by and checked a stack of paperwork that some of our documents had disappeared into, but fortunately he seemed to not notice us. We were interrogated by a couple of Pathfinder thugs, and I did a pretty poor performance. I'm still a little worried that they might confiscate some of the equipment we rightfully stole because of a technicality with the contract. Worst comes to worst we'll blame it on the druid and claim all the equipment we have came from Whitmore. (In a rare flash of foresight I gave them the fake name of Dr. J. Hollcroft for Whitmore. Hopefully Whitmore will be able to use this to his advantage.)

After Meda and I were interrogated, we finally met Tandem, who was very friendly and a very nice chap who was extremely helpful when I told him we were friends with Festivus, and directed us to follow him back into the Pathfinder building in the north wing. What happened next was very...strange to say the least. Festivus had us then introduce ourselves to a large group of people wearing Pathfinder robes and declared us to be new students in his class. What followed was a fairly fluffy lecture about the Pathfinders and ended with Tandem telling us to come back tomorrow for class at two o'clock. As Meda and I were confused as hell by all of this we talked with Tandem after class and discovered that we had inadvertently joined the Pathfinders. We also discovered that Tandem seems to have a short-term memory problem which means he probably won't be terribly much help to us in the long run if we have to keep introducing ourselves. In the short term, though, he was able to tell us that Hewron would be located in the library on the south side of the building and he would be able to help us find more information about the Sword of Chellan over there. After obtaining some student ID's for Meda, myself, and the rest of the party, we headed back into the tent city to find Soma and get his help with the library.

Soma was initially mad that things had seemed to go badly with our foray into the Pathfinder Guild, but was very interested in investigating the library. We eventually found Hewron who was more interested in shelving books rather than talking to us, but was able to direct us to the Guild's resources on legendary and mythical swords. We all began reading through the texts, Soma taking pretty much all of the older materials while Meda tackled the Dwarven tomes and I struggled with the poorly-written Goblin records. Soma eventually found a reference to the Sword of Chellan, as well as six other swords located in one of the oldest books among the collection. We were able to discern that all seven swords shared a similar overarching story and so it could be there are a total of seven legendary swords, or one sword which inspired seven legends. Personally I'm hoping for the seven swords because with my Efficient Quiver I can store quite a few weapons in there now, and it's always nice to have options.

Satisfied with what research we could find, we headed back to Festivus's Tavern to see if Whitmore had finally recovered from his hangover and we planned on attending Tandem's next class in the afternoon.

- Krinsblag

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