Thursday, July 17, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: 3:10 to Laekastel

Our return to the mainland proved uneventful and the pirates finally dropped us off on the mainland, informing us the nearest Pathfinder base was in a town called Laekastel and if we followed the iron road we'd find it in a few days. I will admit that the road we were following was rather strange. It had a gravel bed like some of the better-maintained roads, but spaced evenly across the road were wooden beams, almost as if it was a corduroy road, but they were spaced too far apart for that. Placed on top of these wooden beams were iron rails, located on either side of the roadbed and apparently running its whole length. A nearby signpost informed us this was the road to Laekastel and we headed along the road with no incident for the rest of the day.

The next day we continued along the road and began noticing stone statues located along the right-of-way for the road. As we've gotten rather used to everything trying to kill us we looked on the statues with some apprehension but they proved initially harmless and we continued on our way. Key word being initially. As we continued down the road we noticed one of the statues moved slightly, and Soma was able to identify it as a stone golem. Not wishing to provoke something capable of murdering us with one hand behind its back, we tried going about a hundred feet off the road and circling the golem. Unfortunately for us there was a strange electrical phenomenon along the side of the road, which forced us to return between the rails. As we returned to the road we noticed a strange man covered in tattoos standing in the center of the road. As we approached he told us to surrender our weapons and valuables and we could walk away with our lives. Meda said nothing, clearly in shock at the sheer impertinence of such a remark. Whitmore exclaimed, “Where'd you learn to count, boy? Stupid school?” Soma announced his intention to eat the bastard, and I merely laughed heartily and said, “All right, let's kill him.”

I will say this about our attempted mugger, he at least came fairly prepared. It turned out the stone golem and a lightning elemental were also on his side. (Well, Soma says it was just a quasi-elemental which means it only got its GED, whatever that means.) If we hadn't pulled a few tricks the muggers may have actually killed us, but thankfully they were nowhere as bad as those damn cloakers we ran into on the island. Soma, of course, barely broke a sweat using fairly low-level spells to handle the situation. Things looked a little hairy there for a while, but we finally managed to give these criminal scum the sweet release from life they desired. I mean, anyone stupid enough to jump us at this point has to be suicidal.

After patching up our hurt, especially mine in particular, we continued to follow the rails until we spotted a building in the distance. As we approached we noticed it was a tavern that bore the symbol of Cayden Cailean, always a welcome sight, and entered the establishment. The interior proved empty except for the landlord, an extremely friendly fellow by the name of Festivus who immediately welcomed us profusely and shoved drinks into all of our hands. After a few rounds Festivus asked us what brought us to his tavern and what we were doing. Which resulted in us telling a somewhat edited but highly entertaining version of our adventures beginning in No Fun. (Although I suspect the alcohol may have made it more interesting.)

Festivus then asked us what we were planning on doing now, and we tried to diplomatically ask his opinion on the Pathfinder Guild. Festivus explained that he used to run with the Pathfinders a few years back and had lots of fun and adventures with them, but recently things had taken a new direction with the new leader of the Pathfinders, which had lead to him leaving the Guild. We found out that the bastard who sent us down into No Fun was the same one who had taken over the Guild and made fun. We then told Festivus we intended to go straight up to him and demand that he pay us (Which is partially true) and Festivus was supportive, but warned us against breaking into the vaults because quite a few dangerous artifacts had been safely sealed away. We assured him we'd take precautions and Festivus gladly gave us a map of the complex, as well as a map of the first two levels of the vaults, although it seems there may be a third level below them. Festivus then welcomed us to sleep in his tavern and promptly passed out from the liberal amounts of alcohol. I'm looking forward to meeting across our Pathfinder friends again. Cash, loot, and a little bit of revenge are just what I have in mind.

- Krinsblag 

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