Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Where Did These Rails Come From?

Faced with the guards sacrificing four helpless slaves to summon Maelrawn the Tentacular, we decided it was probably in our best interest to try and save the world this one time. Although as usual we seemed to mess it up. We managed to kill a few of the guards, but there simply were too many of them and they were too spread out for us to take them out quickly,and they began to kill their sacrifices much to Meda's dismay. Plus it seemed that every time we killed one of the guards, their blood only added to the power of whatever accursed ritual they were trying to enact. On top of that, the worker fish people's refusal to do anything to save themselves, despite Meda's constant calls to action, meant that we could only save about half of the workers that had been herded into the temple. All during this of course the blood continued to flow in a magical fashion down the steps of the chamber towards the central pit. When the last of the guards had been knocked out the workers thanked us and said cryptically that “Azalanti blood would show us the way” before buggering off to do whatever.

As we had no realistic way to stop the blood, we decided to hide outside the chamber and see what happened. When blood ran from all four corners into the pit it glowed bright red and the previously terraced slope of the pit became a steep slope. And then it continued nothing. For quite some time as a matter of fact. While everyone else was rather confused by this intense bout of non-activity I found some sheets of paper on the ground. Reading through them I concluded we were supposed to go down the pit and fight whatever was down there. So like an idiot I charged straight into the pit and dove into the center, plummeting to the confusion and irritation of my comrades. This proved to be a rather good idea, though, as I landed safely in a pool of water at the bottom of the pit. Well, mostly safely. There were a few eels at the bottom of the pit but with a few lucky strikes I was able to kill them and keep from becoming a moray's lunch. My comrades soon joined me and we discovered a passage to one side that lead out of the pool. Eventually we came to an intersection. To our left was a passage blocked entirely by a cave-in of rocks. I investigated the rocks, seeing if there was any way around, only to get attacked by an ooze that was hiding within them. Fortunately we were able to kill the ooze quickly and proceeded down the passage to the right. We soon came upon another intersection and heard cries of help coming from the passage to our right. We soon came into a chamber in which contained several wounded fish people. Those that were still conscious asked for our help, and Whitmore was able to provide some first aid to prevent their unconscious friends from bleeding out. We demanded to know what exactly was down here in the caves and the fish people gave vague answers about walls and ceilings and monsters in water. These statements turned out to be correct later on, but their ambiguity made it extremely possible for them to be accurate. We decided to press onward, ignoring their desperate cries for additional assistance. Freeloading bastards.

As we proceeded along the tunnel it seemed to follow a rather linear path. There was the occasional chamber off to one side, but they were all dead ends and we were left with no choice but to continue deeper into the cavern. We did encounter a cave-in that almost killed Soma and Meda, but fortunately Whitmore and I were able to pull them from the rubble in time. We also encountered two more of those gods-damned cloakers again, which was a little tricky, but fortunately not as bad as last time. And we managed to find a really sweet spear which will give a little righteous smack-down on any aberrations we encounter in the future. Soma also managed to use an earth elemental to retrieve a gem that will summon a fire demon, and an urn containing some potentially useful salves, bypassing whatever nastiness was waiting for us in the other chambers. Faced with an out and out showdown with Maelrawn and Soma running low on spells, we decided to rest for the “night” and climbed up Soma's rope into our extradimensional campsite. With our new items we may be able to tackle whatever the hell's underneath this island, but it's definitely going to be a challenge.  

- Krinsblag

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