Monday, May 5, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: A Rollicking Band of Pirates We

After a night of carousing with the pirates we set sail in the morning, hopefully leaving this undead-infested island behind us for forever. As the days passed we settled into a peaceful sort of tedium. With very little to do, Meda and I engaged in a series of drinking contests with the crew, occasionally even winning and earning the crew's respect. Soma did various odd jobs around the ship, including assisting with some navigational measurements which informed us we were heading largely to the north and west, while Whitmore sold potions and tonics to the crew. Personally I welcomed the continue respite from constantly keeping our guards up and making sure little cannibal children didn't creep up in the night to eat our face off. Eventually we got along so well with the crew that they were willing to let us go through their spare equipment and loot and exchange much of the useless junk we had picked up on the island for useful odds and ends. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, although us landing in a safe port and able to wander off wherever we damn well please was not to be. About four or five days into our cruise with the pirates the ship was attacked during the night. I initially slept through the attack, sleeping the peaceful sleep of the highly inebriated, when Meda and Whitmore woke me up, informing me that there had been several sounds like the boat had run over something. Assuming that it wasn't good we rushed up on deck, discovering that a good portion of the crew had been swept overboard and the remaining crew were all armed. The captain quickly directed the first mate to take us below and give us back our weapons, and by the time we returned to the deck we found the captain battling a great sea serpent near the prow. We all rushed forward to assist the captain and quickly dispatched the creature. We decided to collect some of the creature's blood, skin, and other materials for potential future uses. Hopefully I may be able to get a new grip for my weapon out of this, and Whitmore's very excited at the alchemical potential with some of the odder substances. 

We later met with the captain in his cabin who explained that he is the leader of an entire pirate village and they all are descended from the Azlanti, the legendary humans that once ruled the world thousands of years ago before the Earthfall, albeit their bloodline has been greatly diluted. According to the captain, they've had a long relationship with the sea and have always relied upon it for their livelihood. However now an...entity, known as Maelwran the Tentacular has declared war on them and is determined to wipe out their bloodline. So, of course, now the captain wants to change their bloodline to avoid this curse but has no idea how to do it. Which, you know, is apparently more logical than my solution of move inland and never go near the sea again. Because I'm pretty ready to do that. And, of course, the captain's heading straight back to their village of Blackcove instead of dropping us off somewhere on the mainland. I get the feeling we've traded one inescapable island for another. 

- Krinsblag 

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