Monday, April 21, 2014

Kalpar's Terms and Conditions

I recently realized that I probably should write some terms and conditions jargon for my little book review blog here. This document represents the current terms and conditions of my website, as well as any disclosure material necessary.

  1. Kalpar seeks to provide honest reviews of books, movies, tv shows, graphic novels, board games, or really anything else Kalpar decides to consume for entertainment and he feels is worthy of writing a review about. (Mostly books though.) That being said, Kalpar will give as honest an assessment as possible for his two readers, and if Kalpar thinks said work is bad he will say so in his review. He will always attempt to articulate why he thinks it's bad and do so in as respectful a manner as possible, but he will always give his honest impressions of a work. 
  2. To preserve Kalpar's independence as a critic, he will only obtain works in a manner available to the public and will not accept free copies or advanced copies from authors, creators or publishers. If the novel is being offered for free to the general public, as is the case with numerous e-books on Amazon, then Kalpar will accept the work for free, but will provide an honest review. 
  3. Although Kalpar is currently employed with the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal in the Cincinnati History Museum, none of his opinions or historical interpretations are endorsed by CMC. Kalpar's historical opinions and interpretations are his own, separate from his work for CMC, albeit definitely influenced by his work and research for said institution.
  4. No bullying, trolling, or other uncouth behavior will be tolerated in the comments attached to this blog, and Kalpar reserves the right to ban commentators who cannot maintain a civil discourse, as well as delete their posts.
  5. Kalpar reserves the right to amend or edit these terms and conditions in the future and shall be effective from April 21st, 2014. 

- Kalpar

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