Sunday, April 27, 2014

Misadventures of Krinsblag: Exercises in Futility

After having thoroughly looted the surgeon's theater we decided to cut a hole in the floor/wall of the room so that we could scout the next room down and determine our next course of action. We lowered a lantern down to discover that the next room was a very large gun deck with a few cannons and other weapons scattered along the floor. In addition we noticed two carved figureheads which instantly aroused our suspicion. Tidingston and Soma were able to identify them as Ship Sentinels, a sort of magic statue that protects a ship from harm at the direction of the captain. Tidingston decided to attempt posing as the captain and getting the sentinels to assist us in clearing out the ship. The sentinels, however, remained unresponsive to our commands. Acting on a hunch I went back over to the galley and cut a hole into the next chamber, discovering that it too was a gun deck, much like the other one, but lacking any sentinels.

Unsure where to go from here, we somehow inferred that another chamber was located on the ship and managed to punch our way through the decks to it and it turned out to be the captain's cabin. After a brief search of the room we managed to turn up a few odds and ends of varying utility. We also discovered the captain's log which shed no real new light on our predicament. Apparently Corrister was the ship's medic, but instead of healing people with the principles of modern magic, he resorted to the barbaric practice of cutting people open and performing surgery. However, the sheer lack of skill necessary for such a brutal practice left us seriously in doubt that Corrister could even be behind whatever nefarious plot was going on.

Faced with yet another dead end that apparently had done nothing but waste our time we decided to leave the ship and burn it down out of spite and frustration. Surprisingly this task was easily done and we watched the ship burn down to the waterline before heading off into the west away from this forsaken blight. We traveled for much of the day before setting up camp for the night. Unsurprisingly we heard the sounds of someone moving around our campsite in the middle of the night and when I went out to investigate I was rather surprised to discover a band of pirates, or as they prefer to be known, wealth redistribution specialists.

After some very tense, and through my own fault, rather idiotic negotiations we seemed to reach an agreement with the pirates to negotiate passage off of this island on their ship. We then went back to the pirate's base and joined in their frolics and festivities before turning in for the night. Hopefully come morning we'll be able to get off this godsforsaken island and back to some civilization.

- Krinsblag

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