Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Who Ya Gonna' Call?

When we got back to the sunlight streaming into the hold of the ship, Tidingston and Soma seemed to have recovered from the pants-wetting fear that had engulfed them with the appearance of ghosts within the ship. We were determined, however, to ensure that the mere incorporeal nature of our opponents would not stop us on our quest for loot and vengeance, mostly vengeance, and given the opportunity we would come back and teach those ghosts the meaning of fear. We also miraculously discovered an entirely new line of compartments within the ship we could explore and avoid the ghosts for the time being. How we had not noticed this series of compartments before is a downright mystery and it seems that whoever designed this ship had little to no understanding of nautical engineering, but I'm just a former slave so what do I know?

The first room we investigated turned up nothing but some bits of rope, hammocks, and some old moth-eaten Pathfinder robes. We did decide to keep the Pathfinder robes with the intention of being able to break into the first Pathfinder guild we find, taking money from their vault, and leaving the invoice Soma's drawn up for our previous endeavors. The second room turned out to be an armory of sorts and we discovered a few magical weapons, including a shiny new greatsword. I'm still pretty attached to my old sword, I mean I have some fond memories attached to it, especially when I murdered the people that owned me and freed my family, but Soma explained this new one would be able to actually hurt the ghosts, which is definitely an advantage considering how many we've been running into.

It seems we've settled into a sort of rhythm when it comes to fighting the various monsters we find. I usually go in first, solid like a brick wall, and draw the attention of any beasties. Soma uses his magic, summoning creatures and dropping buffs, while Tidingston flings his bombs. Behind all of us Meda continues to fire her arrows with deadly precision. Aside from the me getting punched and hurt a lot, it's a pretty good plan. And even I have to admit if anyone's going to get punched around here, it's probably best for it to be me. Meda might be able to take a hit or two, but Soma and Tidingston would probably crumple like wet paper. It's certainly putting a strain on our supply of potions, but better me than anyone else. In another compartment we found yet another corpse lord and some creatures that appeared to be sewn together out of a bunch of different bodies. It looks like Corrister didn't leave any of his crew alive, but they went down like all the others we've taken out so far.

Once we had cleared out the other compartments of the ship, we decided to cut a hole in the compartment directly above the one with ghosts in it to allow sunlight into the interior of the ship. We also cut a hole through the floor, providing a nice, large patch of sunlight. The corpse lord that had been with the ghosts merely looked at us quizzically while the ghosts remained safely away from the wrath of the sun's rays. We decided to gather around the hole and start taking potshots at the corpse lord, who eventually went away where we couldn't hurt him. Lacking any better options, I jumped down after him and soon became the target of the corpse lord and both the ghosts. Fortunately Soma summoned a couple of giant ants, which were much more useful than you'd think, and Meda put an arrow straight through the corpse lord's head. The ghosts kept hitting me with magic rays that sapped my strength, but unluckily for them, my martial prowess enabled me to shrug off their attempts and delivered a sound thrashing, all without taking so much as a scratch. Hopefully all that remains is to find and kill Corrister and then maybe we'll be able to get off this blasted island, although I'm not exactly sanguine about our prospects.

- Krinsblag

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