Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Some Days, the Bear Gets You

Although we had successfully defeated the ghosts, and got two nifty eyepatches in the bargain, Soma and Tidingston's supply of spells and bombs had been severely depleted and we had another deck of ship to still clear out. Deciding it was better to go in with a full supply we headed back out of the boat and spent an uneventful night camped out on the plain near the swamp. When morning came we headed back into the boat and had Meda climb through the passageway to see if the coast was clear. Meda directed us to an abandoned kitchen and we punched a hole through the wall/floor to access the kitchen.

To absolutely no one's surprise the food was all moldy and completely inedible, although we found a collection of interesting cutlery and some four hundred year old wine. It seems if we ever make it back to civilization we'll make a handsome profit off of this misadventure, but that hinges on us getting back to civilization in the first place. Satisfied that we could find nothing else useful in the kitchen we decided to cross the hall and enter what appeared to be a surgeon's operating theater. We did notice two mutilated cadavers on the floor, which fooled exactly no one. I told everyone to get behind me and cut the head off of one of the cadavers with my sword. When nothing happened I decided to cut the other cadaver's head off, which resulted in a brain ooze and two blood pudding coming out of the corpses to absolutely no one's surprise.

Sometimes, I think, there is a god up there that hates when we start doing well as a party. Because for whatever reason, when things start actually going our way for once, some monster comes along that's just downright impossible for us to deal with. Well, at least for me to deal with. Take these oozes, for example. So we manage to get the jump on these guys and I figure, "Tidingston will drop some bombs, Soma will do his usual thing, Meda will shishkebab them, and I'll cut up whatever's left." Solid plan, right? Interesting fact about blood puddings? Fire proof. So poor Tidingston's standing there, wondering why in holy hell these damn things aren't getting scorched, and then they decide to come up and give me a hug. Because, of course the have to give me a hug. I can't use my sword, the thing I'm best at, if they decide to give me a hug. Another interesting fact about blood puddings? Apparently they can go inside your body. Just...force their way inside and kill you. Plus the brain ooze kept zapping me and doing weird...brain oozey things. Fortunately Meda split it more or less in half with an arrow. Which just left me with a blood pudding trying to take up residence inside of me.

Honestly, if it hadn't been for that crocodile that Soma summoned, we'd have been well and truly boned. To see the jaw on that beasty, I'm glad he's on our side. On the plus side we did find some potions and equipment in the operating theater, but I'm personally not looking forward to clearing the remaining rooms in the ship. Soma's said he wants to eat Corrister when we finally kill him, and I'm inclined to let Soma do just that.

- Krinsblag

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