Monday, March 24, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag: Well....Okay Then.

This has been a rather....interesting day to say the least. We've made some progress in getting closer to Corrister and finally killing that bastard, but we've encountered some initial setbacks that have hindered my righteous vengeance. It's only a matter of time before Corrister learns that trying to kill me is generally not a wise course of action if you're determined to keep living.

After getting a late start in the day, having been tuckered out by the zombie horde, we continued towards the structure which Soma had noticed the day before. As we got closer we first noticed the smell of brine on the air, which was soon followed by the ground becoming incredibly marshy and difficult to traverse. It initially appeared that we'd encountered a saltwater marsh some fifty or so miles inland, which was curious to say the least. As we struggled closer to the structure we determined it was the aft end of a great ship that seemed to have been picked up and dumped, prow first, into the ground. It seemed that part of the ocean had come along with the boat, explaining the appearance of the saltwater marsh.

We eventually ran into a moat which impeded our progress towards the ship and appeared to surround it entirely. I made a makeshift leadline with some rope and gold pieces, tossing it into the moat to discover it was about twenty feet deep, making wading across an impossibility. As I drew my line back in, I noticed something tugging on the end and two gold pieces had disappeared from the makeshift weight I'd created. Not relishing the potential of something dragging us under as we tried to swim across, we decided to go around the boat and see if there were any other potential ways across the moat. At one point Tidingston and I noticed a strange light in the depths of the water and felt a strange compulsion to walk towards it, heedless of our own safety. Fortunately we were able to avert this disaster and discover that it was a corpse candle, the spirit of someone who had been sacrificed in water against their will, driven by a desire to get vengeance against the person that killed them. (That copy of Know Your Undead: A Guide For Adventurers has really come in handy for me recently.) We concluded that Corrister had killed this poor soul as well, and much to no one's surprise Tidingston was able to confirm this fact through negotiation. Tidingston further informed the spirit that we intended to kill Corrister and if it could help us at all, it'd be that much closer to revenge. The spirit agreed and brought up the corpses of two large water beetles which served as very good rowboats across the moat.

We entered the ship from its deck, now turned into a wall, and entered the belowdecks through a hatch. We had the option of heading either up or down through the boat and decided to head upwards. Our consensus was that the lower portions of the boat towards the prow were probably flooded and inaccessible, so we decided to try and make it towards the aft of the boat and find Corrister. We encountered a few undead, the first batch of which we quickly dispatched, finding more evidence that this was the Pathfinder mission that Corrister and Winifred had been sent on all those years ago. As we ascended we ran into another group of undead, including a couple of fear lords. I was certainly unnerved but managed to keep my calm, and Meda seemed to approach it with the same tranquility as she approached everything. Tidingston and Soma, however, fled in an absolute panic, leaving Meda and I with no choice but to withdraw.

Despite setbacks, we're at least getting closer to Corrister and perhaps finally getting off this godforsaken island. Hopefully.

- Krinsblag

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