Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adventures of Krinsblag the Mighty: You gotta start somewhere.

In addition to my weekly book reviews I've decided to start posting entries about the Pathfinder campaign which my friends and I have become involved in, so we'll see how long this runs. To give you a brief overview it's set about four hundred years after an event has caused Golarion to shatter and there has been a great deal of contact with other planes. Carvan's hinted that there's more plot to come but we haven't really run into that yet. My character is a human Warblade named Krinsblag the Mighty (Yes, I pulled in Book of Nine Swords) who is focusing in Iron Heart and White Raven disciplines. Backstory wise he was born a slave and was apprenticed as a blacksmith, but he forged a sword in secret and eventually used it to kill his owners and free his family. He then took up wandering and getting into fights, eventually falling in with some hobgoblins and learning the basics of Iron Heart from them. Krinsblag seeks to have his deeds remembered in story and song, have a pile of wealth to make Croesus blush, and all the whores. Just all of them. 

The adventures are going to be recorded from Krinsblag's point of view, as a sort of journal, and I'm sure will be slightly tempered by his...interesting personality. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Entry One:
 Went to a Pathfinder Guild site in Cheliax today, hoping to find some work and get a handful of gold in the bargain. Unfortunately the pickings don't look very good. The local captain explained that there used to be a gnome settlement here that was contracted by the Cheliaxian government to build a giant wall to keep out the Andorans out. Anyway, settlement's long gone but they think something might be left underground in these mine shafts and they want us to go down and pick the bones. If we find anything interesting they plan on keeping it, but we're allowed to keep anything they're not interested in. It's not the best deal, but I need the work.

After making us sign contracts, the Pathfinders split us up into groups so we can cover more of the mines. I got put into a group with four other people, five if you count the tree but I personally wouldn't. There's an elf named Feron, a druid, very odd fellow. Has a large mushroom hat, very odd fellow, always gathering organic components from dead animals. He's also got a pet tree. As it's a tree it doesn't really have a personality per se, but it's not the worst tree I've ever met. There's a human wizard named Soma, sort of a shifty fellow who always seems to deny everything. As long as he doesn't stab me in the back I'm not really concerned. Yet. There's a dwarf monk too, whose name I didn't catch. She seems very stoic, like most dwarves, and very detached from everything. So far my favorite is the gnome alchemist, W.D. Tidingston, although he's been using a pseudonym with the Guild, probably to weasel out of the contract. He's a bit of a travelling medicine man, selling elixirs with a bit of panache, very interested in making money but not much else. For whatever reason we seem to get along the best, although I suspect it's because we're the sanest people in this crew. We also met some toff who had the audacity to insult me and my sword. I think I'm going to skin him. Not because I go around skinning people, mind you, just because I hate that guy. 

Anyway, we headed down into the mines, found a hidden passage and of course the damn thing is lined with traps. Nothing fatal mind you, just annoying as fuck. A few critters in there as well, but nothing my sword and the monk's bow couldn't take care of. The last trap was just downright confusing though. It released this rolling boulder and the druid sent his tree to try and stop it and the boulder just...kept coming. Plus it looked wrong, somehow. I couldn't explain it at the time but I had the feeling that it was an illusion, because gnomes love them some illusions. It'd actually be a brilliant trap if there was like a spiked pit at the end that people fell into while they were running away from the boulder, but it seemed to just be there to scare people. We did find a secret door which leads to a settlement of some sort. I'll record more later. 

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