Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Special: Wild Carvan Appears!

Okay, so I know that this isn't my usual update schedule, but as a special Christmas present to all of you, I'm introducing Carvan. Carvan is a good friend I've known for about eight years now and has helped me with numerous zombie uprisings, vampire hunts and the Robot Uprising of 2017. Wait, no, that hasn't happened yet, forget I said that. Anyway, when he's not pretending he's British, Carvan does nerd things like watch anime and play video games. Also he plays a bard in a Pathfinder campaign so we'll probably make fun of him for that. Well, not that I hate bards. They're just not really my playing style is all. Granted as much as I like melee-oriented classes there's the whole linear fighters, quadratic wizards problem. I just sort of look for excuses to make fun of Carvan. Like his preference for elves. Or liking vampires. Really any reason to make fun of him. Where was I? Oh yes.

Anyway, Carvan will be dropping in from time to time to provide guest reviews or gems of insight from his particular brand of insanity. Hopefully you'll come to like him as much as I have over the years, even if I don't understand his motives at times.

Oh and seriously, that Robot Uprising thing? Nothing to worry about, just forget I mentioned it. Definitely no need to start stockpiling supplies. 

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